Verisimilar words

Guys! I adventitiously came across these words I found in a word document and they were quite magical. I just wanted to share them.

Obviously there was no evidence about the man who wrote them. Here they come!

All that is gold does not glitter;
All that is long does not last;
All that is old does not wither;
Not all that is over is past.
Not all that have fallen are vanquished;
A king may yet be without crown,
A blade that was broken be brandished;
And towers that were strong may fall down.”

Here I am sitting in my office …
Thinking hard about life
How it changed from a maverick college life to strict professional life……

How tiny pocket money changed to huge monthly paychecks
but then why it gives less happiness….

How a few local denim jeans changed to new branded wardrobe
but then why there are less people to use them

How a single plate of samosa changed to a full Pizza or burger
But then why there is less hunger…..

Here I am sitting in my office …
Thinking hard about life
How it changed…..

How a bike always in reserve changed to bike always on
but then why there are less places to go on……

How a small coffee shop changed to cafe coffee day
but then why its feels like shop is far away…..

How a limited prepaid card changed to postpaid package
but then why there are less calls & more messages……

Here I am sitting in my office …
Thinking hard about life
How it changed…..

How a general class journey changed to Flight journey
But then why there are less vacations for enjoyment….

How a small bunch of friends changed to office mate
But then why we always feel lonely n miss those college/school frnz.….

Here I am sitting in my office…
Thinking hard about life
How it changed….. How it changed……..
And why it changed…….


It is leading to no where

You thought I stopped writing, didn’t you? Well, sadly not. I have been employed for quite some time, in a company where you can find beardy, brawny men in their shoes sleeping under their machinery. I can be a bit smug about that and I can lie to you that I have been busy these days. The truth to the matter is I have been worthless for such a long time. I think the last time I wrote something was exactly when Leonardo Da Vinci painted the monalisa. Since then everything in the history of human race has hugely changed and people started to read physics since the Newton’s era. But my page was never changed and no one was bothered to even look at it. When I was in university when I was supposed to write hot posts about heat magazines and fashion, I was writing short stories, philosophical articles, things about nature and that sort of stuff that bores the shit out of men. As I have really grown up now, naturally I must sensibly continue doing the same but in a further grown up way. That is precisely the same thing which I am not going to do because that is what you would expect me to do.
Let us talk about girls for instance. I know I must not be doing this because it just sounds lame and I even hated people who do this. But you see the time has come for me to cry out loud really. I am also left with an option of scientifically describing the character of females but I am not for that sort of thing. Let us get straight to the point. I was a bit of a chauvinist and for me women were meant just to partner men. But I have always adored them like any man would do just they have got that pair of incredible lumps of succulent flesh. Some of them have also got quite nice bottom as well. And my god, some are desperately pretty. On the other hand I have always hated them because they are deceptive, do cajole men and eventually make a man go mad and insane. But most of all I hate them because they have the tiniest brains known till today. As the world has witnessed, ever since they came to our planet they have been involved in doing silly things, an endless list of those. I have always hated what they call dressing, what they call  being under a diet, how they drive cars, how they manage to be as complicated as humanly possible to deliberately annoy men. But the thing I always hate them for is the kind of partners they prefer.
They only sensible thing to do when they choose a mate is to look for how much money he has got. After all money is everything. But today the game is far more complicated. I find girls running after hopeless men. An insanely cantankerous man can show himself as a sweet guy and some three million girls will go after him. I met a girl known to me on the other day hoping for something obviously, who introduced me to a rough man in camouflage shorts and glasses and told me that the gentleman was her boy friend and he was a pipe engineer. She is actually a cool girl and not a mental either. I was wondering what in the name of god could have possessed her to choose a plumber with a beard in silly shorts. And then there are geeks, every one of them in his t-shirt and sun glasses walks on the road with a patronizing smile on his stupid face, followed by a slim outrageous female hidden by his fat body and protruded belly. And some of the girls are committed to young men who look like a drug dealer or a car thief or a homosexual. And once I saw a man behind a colossal beard with a pierced face and hair unwashed for a decade, you may call him terrorist, of course riding a ridiculous, ostentatious and loud motor cycle and an angel was riding with him. Again what on earth could have possessed her to do that? Someday she is going to fall off the bike and even if she survives he is going to kill her while they sleep together. And I can continue this forever.  So  do I. Almost all the females are after lunatics, ragamuffins, megalomaniacs, men who look like they are lost, men who look nervous all the time and run around like their hair is on fire, bloody bikers and basically men who are good for nothing. That leaves us to a problem. I know cool men who look decent, contemporary, lively and intelligent and are not nerds, not boring in any way at all and they are so nice a company to be with, all have no girl friends. Because they are not bothered to act as nice people, they will always be what they are. Because of this uncanny trend these days girls are becoming terminally stupid. If I were powerful enough I would sterilize all those useless men and prevent their dirty genes getting into the gene pool, especially getting into the genitals of prettier and nicer females.
I think I have cried out enough. If I proceed it will start making me sound desperate. Not being an expert I do not know how to conclude this thing or come up with a solution. So ultimately I have made a fool of myself and wasted your time. But that doesn’t matter, because I am just a normal bloke not particularly intelligent. You know what, I just do not care. I am just like the character Bertie Wooster you find in the books written by Mr. Wodehouse. He does stupid things most of the times and the rest of the time he does not do anything at all.

Time well spent

Generally I do not write reviews or articles about things which I like most. The simple reason is others may find it worse than boring and even mawkish if it gets to be. But I am afraid I can’t help doing this. I am not exactly what you call person with mind full of merry. That is because I have just finished watching all the episodes of the Top gear show I have in my hard drive. Strangely, I consider this show as the best of all the TV shows I have ever seen. So at this point someone who has absolutely no idea about the show may think it is a hi-fi action show or some hot fashion show. No, there are no megalomaniacs here. And people who have even the slightest bit of engineering skills may guess it right. Judging by the name of it, it is an automobile show; to be specific it is a car program. If you are a kind of bike freak, this is not your thing. And if you think it is a show wherein some beardy people in bubble spectacles or some ex-motor sport champions with tiny little brains sitting next to each other with a cup of coffee comparing cars in a formal way, talking about value for money, economy and size, you are terribly wrong. In fact you would be as wrong when you told my name after being asked who the coolest man in the world is. So what is it? It is a tough thing to explain. The idea is a bunch of silly normal men will be driving whatever they can get their hands on and tell us the pros and cons. expressing the emotions of a normal motorist is the thing. Classifying car into the good, the bad, the ugly and the cool cars does make a point that cars are not just a means of transportation but they have a lot of soul in them. To do this BBC needed three men. The first presenter Jeremy Clarkson got himself a car and shifted from fifth gear to top gear. As far as I saw the program he had absolutely no skills for anything apart from talking about cars, refuse to agree to whatever the co-presenters say, selfishly not letting others test fast cars in the program often and throwing witty comments on others and taking a weird task and being not able to complete it successfully. I have been thinking about reasons to like him, but have not found one; still you know what, you cannot hate the man unless of course you are the one being attacked. And then there is an adventurous little man with nice driving skills and a bit of luck to have escaped death after a colossal crash in a monster machine. To keep the things a little complicated this man always has exactly the opposite views of Jeremy and he is called Richard Hammond. Obviously to be a motor journalist in a hot program you should not be slow, disciplined, grey, boring, bachelor, contemporary and pianist. That is exactly why there is one more person in the show called James May with all the above qualities. So, here we have three men who stand exactly at three corners of a triangle. This is what this program is all about. The car is always the hero of the program and they never forget that. Every car test is a joy to watch. Apart from performance, mileage and stuff like that, they search for the most vital thing a car needs to have, its character. You buy some stuff only if you need them; cars are the ones you buy because you want them. So astonishingly their judgement is sometimes emotional too, a rather unpredictable verdict results. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is their straight ‘on your face’ comments and criticism. I could not help laughing when people are mauled by their words. I just can‘t forget the comments on cars like, “This car is ugly, I would rather look at the back of a baboon”, “The dash looks like I made it”, “I would rather eat the money than buying this”. Their car comparisons are even more amazing. Everybody will be defending their favourite car to the hills and in the end they arrive at a verdict, sort of. The best thing about all those tests is they do not follow any procedures to make them. No one after watching an episode will believe that it is a non-scripted program. And “star in a reasonably priced car” is another thing where they interview celebrities and try to irritate them. And the celebrity tries to register a lap time as low as possible. Another unique thing is “The cool wall”, which classifies cars based on whether it is cool or not, however good or bad a car may actually be. This is actually about the character of the car. The idea is to classify what kind of thing the car appears to be in society and ignore the engineering part of it. This is for me a brilliant idea. Apart from that they conduct special races where a car races against other means of transport. Anyway everyone will make the car win ultimately. And they are given tasks which are beyond their scope of knowledge, most of which end in failure. Making amphibious cars was a good one. They did some amazing things like claiming Scottish mountain using a Land rover and driving to the North Pole for the first time ever. Apart from all the upsides, to be honest their criticism is very harsh. Their opinion that Europeans are better than others and England is better than other European nations is often indirectly expressed because they are British men. “This is America’s best car since it is as American as America’s national anthem which was written by a British”. Most of their comments were too boldly said referring to somebody and so such people are waiting to throw something on them whenever they get a chance. Let me sum it up this way. They are clever, funny, talented, sensible, and bold. All of them very different but all of them love cars more than anything else in the world. Yes, they are arrogant, rude, racist, weird, unpredictable and sometimes a bit biased. But you know what; this is how it should be like. Yes they can make a show with high tech videos, with men in suit talking very professionally and it will be boring, I bet you. But here they chose to stick to some old-fashioned approach. Just three normal blokes will be arguing against each other in a silly manner. This sounds wrong for a kick off. And I adore them for that. Let me put it this way. Wine is a drink for grown up men sitting in a formal party mostly silent and occasionally talking to someone about business and most of them waiting eagerly to leave. They have the right drink with them, brilliant but they are all grey and do not seem to enjoy. Imagine another bunch of blokes sitting next to each other in a place not so sophisticated and having the wrong kind of champagne and cracking jokes at each other. Does not sound so brilliant this but they are having a nice time.

Music and I

I have always been a jack of many trades.( I swear I will not say all) Eventually the classic adage has been proved once again in the case music too. So, You must have got it. In music also I have been jack. But I consider music as my master. I just learned the basic theory behind music and have had a training for a bit over a couple of years, that too during high school. My violin has divorced me since then. I then became a singing jack. Sounds funny? But I got frustrated that jack has become a tag for whatever I do. So I decided to explore. I composed a song in the first raga according to carnatic music. They call it kanakangi. I can compare it with my blog. Very very few people have heard and used it. Musicians believe that as there are no closer notes no pleasant melodies can be made out of it. I swore I will make things out of it. I have been trying ever since 😦

Vision 2025

It was 1:30 P.M. A hairpin bend appeared on my path. I was inside my M3 being chased by other rivals. Just as I feared some moments ago, I committed a slightest mistake and was soon on the gravel. I decided not to give up. When I was trying to recover a call came from Lu. I had to go to a college to take part in Vision 2025. What to do? I had to shut down my computer and start.

2:30 P.M. Finally all of us assembled in a conference hall. Each of us got a notepad and a pen. The event was organized under the sponsorship of a big firm. As I expected it was a same old PowerPoint show. But it was about the future of our state. Initially they showed some facts. The aim was to find out three thrust sectors and find the solutions that will help Tamil Nadu becoming a dream place by 2025.

Many suggested the sectors that need to be improved. Agriculture, Infrastructure, Technology, Primary Education, Leadership, Industries, Media and so on. I too suggested one ‘balanced growth of all regions’. So, we finally short listed Technology and Primary education as our major issues. Our group discussed on Primary education and the analysis is shown below.

Main Problems:
Lack of Awareness, Economic status, Cultural problems, Lack of Quality in school, Uninspiring mode of exams and syllabi.

Solutions: Awareness campaigns for children, parents as well as teachers, Fund collection from NGO’s, Schemes like ‘Play and Learn’ and ‘Earn and Learn’, Incentive revision for teachers, Setup a private organization to do quality checks, Modification of the existing syllabi, Inclusion of more practical knowledge in the course.

The first presentation was about technology that was in a weird format. After it was over some morons asked some stupid questions. Then our team had its chance. I presented the solutions at the end of our discussion under team Jagriti. Morons rose again. A damn dominant female raised some bullshit questions and other irritating fellow followed her. I managed. The idea I gave was “It is important to make Vision 2025 to be thought by all. Then all other things will come together”. Do you think this idea is worth changing the future of the world? You may not know. Neither do I. But it was definitely worth a Parker Pen which they gave me at the end of the meeting, which I believe was the best Idea of the day.


This is the thing that every man wants to achieve, whatever may be the field he is in. So how to go about it? Still remains a million dollar question to us. Already every one has his own way of approach to attain happiness. We get N number of solutions if we ask others about that.

Some lame saints say one has to give up his desires. But if one wants to give up desires, giving up itself becomes the desire. Ya, they got it all wrong. Without desire what can be done? After all it is the desire of one man that drives him towards his goals. People say Buddha had no desires. Wait, preaching others and giving them ways to live and get the enlightenment, all are Buddha’s desires.

Some say we need to do serve others to get pleasure. Come on, it won’t be practical. But we have to make sure we serve ourselves so that we remain fit to do something else. Doing service is good but the question is will it be enough? Chanting and meditation are also not new to our culture. Centuries of faith had led us frame traditions and rigorous rituals. Few of them actually give us happiness. Hard work will bring success, we all know. But even after achieving that people are not totally happy. I don’t agree with people when they say “Material success is unimportant and be satisfied and don’t dream”. Constantly improving and going to heights is a must and we have to dream. Because we can not hit a target if we can’t even see it.

So finally you get what I am trying to say. ‘We cant get happiness and those methods are useless’. Nay, you are wrong. The most common thing happening today is people do become happy by doing the right things, right in their own way. But problem is they don’t even know they are happy. They try to get more happiness. So one tries to get more and more and after all being human he can’t reach the infinity. So to be happy the best thing is believe that you are happy already. Simple, isn’t it?

New Year!!

The time that everyone has been waiting for has finally come. The hands of my clock congratulate each other. I hear the sound of those disturbing crackers. For me its just another day but I have to change the calender today.

I can’t understand a phenomenon. People follow a system of measuring time for their convenience. It is they who invented a calender and a way to have a count on the time. And strangely they celebrate the bloody first day as a special day. I wonder why they do it. What is special about the first day? I don’t find a reason to throw parties.

People may say that they want a day to look back and think. Some say they will take new resolutions. What were they doing till then? Some say they want to start new things like business or release a movie (in India) in a new year. Some even postpone proposing to girls to new year or a valentine day, damn they. Some start planning for future on that day.

Let’s think now at least. Do we need a full damn year gap to do good things. Can’t we introspect everyday? Can’t we think that we should improve ourselves every dawn or even every hour? If one damn day is that important the remaining 52 weeks are more important. Celebrating every second of your life is much more important.

People take oaths in a new year day. Surrounded by cakes and wishes they will be into celebration rather then introspection. And every resolution is forgotten. Nothing is done till next new year comes. So life goes on. We have roughly sixty years of life and we are all humans. Perfecting ourselves will need a lot of efforts. Sixty times in sixty new years just won’t do. Saints say if we want to cultivate a habit you should do that at least 21 times. So, Keizen rules are required, ‘constant improvement’. So try better ones like a new day, new minute, new second.